Persisting a new type of breakfast standard
for every hard working individual like you


Feast Breakfast and Brunch first originated in Pingtung, a city with a slower paced lifestyle.
Our mission is to provide a joyful breakfast from our kitchens to every city.
With a variety of different delicious options, you won’t have to worry about what to eat for breakfast.
Our goal is for you to experience and enjoy a relaxing but energizing breakfast ready to start the day.

This is the origin of Feast Breakfast and Brunch.


  • Product

    To embrace different ingredients and preparation methods to create the best and unique breakfast you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Employee

    To provide emphasis on training, designed to help each employee grow individually and as a team.

  • Customer

    To provide a warm and personable customer service while providing a delicious breakfast in a relaxing environment.


Combining new and traditional values to create an unique and distinct product image

Creating a new and improved breakfast concept, providing a warm customer service for breakfast and brunch, and creating a second to none company image exhibits the profile and values of Feast Breakfast and Brunch.

Strictly Selected Ingredients

There are a lot of locals and professionals that insist on their own methods when growing agricultural and livestock products.
These farmers produce different types of high quality agricultural products, which are used in our products shared with people in every corner of Taiwan.
The type of persistence from our local farmers signify the local spirit of farming, which is very special to us.
With our partners in agriculture and our staff, we strive to create the top quality breakfast and brunch to our customers.
Our persistence is our promise to you, and we hope our hard work becomes something that you enjoy at Feast Breakfast and Brunch.