Partnership with Local Farmers

  • Julin Organic Farm Bokunofarm

    "Basil" is a favorite spice for many homemakers.
    It can be considered an all-purpose herb in home cooking, known for its unique aroma and numerous astonishing health benefits.
    Basil is also referred to as the "King of Herbs."

    Basil not only enhances beauty and fights aging but also promotes overall health.
    Huang Shu-Nu, the head of the farm, has nearly 17 years of agricultural experience and has transitioned from conventional to organic farming.
    Collaborating with Master Baker Wu Pao-Chun sparked her interest in functional agricultural products, leading to innovations like Pine Nut Basil Pesto.
    She upholds craftsmanship to cultivate high-quality basil, elevating fresh produce to processed goods.

  • Grand Blossom Grange
    Grand Blossom Grange

    "Harvesting roses at dawn, when they are at their most fragrant."

    We use grass cultivation management, covering the fields with cut grass, which turns into organic matter that enriches the soil.
    The roses, which bloom all year round, are rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols, tannins, and rose polysaccharides.

    Every morning at dawn, before the roses release their fragrance, we harvest them for processing.
    Freshly picked roses are immediately sorted, cleaned, distilled, and dried.
    Paired with brown sugar and fresh milk, you can truly experience the delightful taste of "falling in love."


    "The exquisite fermentation flavor that melts in your mouth is our passion for cocoa."

    Growing cocoa is my life's dedication and a great honor representing Neipu, Pingtung.
    This commitment earned me the gold medal at the 2018 ICA Asia-Pacific Competition.

    The key to delicious chocolate lies in fermentation.
    One of the few places in the world where cocoa is grown, fermented, and roasted entirely on-site is in Pingtung, Taiwan.
    We invite you to experience our passion for cocoa and its exceptional flavor.

  • House of Plants Herbal Organic Farm
    House of Plants Herbal Organic Farm

    Lettuce - Always the Brightest Brushstroke on the Dining Table

    We firmly believe in organic farming. Soil-grown lettuce offers a richer taste and texture.

    Only farm-fresh organic vegetables can let you experience the freshness of morning dew.


    "60 years of traditional handmade noodle craftsmanship."

    At 22.3 degrees north, this sun-drenched city enjoys a mild climate year-round, ideal for traditional noodle making.
    Our dough is made purely from high-gluten flour, with no additives.
    Hand-rolled repeatedly, the noodles achieve perfect texture and elasticity.
    Each strand is sun-dried naturally, never hastily oven-dried.

    It’s Pingtung's persistence and determination, capturing the essence of sun and breeze.
    All of this effort results in noodles that deliver a delightful, springy texture in every bite.

    Chang An Noodles' sun-dried noodles boast over six decades of craftsmanship and authentic flavor, passed down to you.

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