• Zhuling Organic Farm Ms. Huang

    Basil is one of the spices loved by many home cooks around the world.
    Especially in Taiwan, basil could be used in a lot of our everyday foods. Not only does basil have a fragrant smell, but it is also surprisingly healthy for our bodies. Locals have often called this plant the “King of the Herbs.”
    With 17 years of experience, Ms. Huang has converted a form of traditional farming into a functional organic farm initially with the help of infamous pastry chef Wu Bao Chun.
    Through her passion, she has taken raw ingredients and converted these organic plants into our everyday processed foods such as pine nut basil sauce. Her passion and experience make her the top producer in providing organic basil.

  • Wanjin Chicken Farm Farmer Mr. Chen

    Like a rock-and-roll musician, persistence is the key attitude in doing things the right way and succeeding. Mr. Chen’s persistence is to raise the chickens to be healthy without using toxins, antibiotics, or medicine. Through a few trials and errors, Mr. Chen has found the perfect conditions to raise these chickens through the environment and its food. What comes out of his persisting attitude are the best chickens in Taiwan, maintaining the healthiest without the need for harmful substances.

  • ChangAn Noodle Shop – Mr. Wu

    Mr. Wu has insisted on making noodles through the traditional way, which has been passed down for 60 years in his family. The dough is made of high protein flour with no additives. After, these noodles are rolled and rerolled and are air-dried under the blistering sun and wind. The work of making noodles is tedious and labor-intensive but is a form of respect to the family recipe. The spirit in insisting the noodles are made this way is an attitude found in the children of Pingtung. In your next bowl of noodles from our kitchen, not only will you taste noodles, but the work and craftsmanship put into the making of these noodles.

  • 1. Salted Pork

    Made with Taiwan’s finest pork belly.
    Marinated with herbs, five spice, pepper, garlic, and soy sauce.
    Matured in low temperatures.

  • 2. Cheese Sauce

    Made with Australian imported butter and natural milk sources.
    Sterilized in high temperature.
    Stirred in with cheese and melted together.

  • 3. Curry Paste

    Made with Australian imported butter. 
    Added with caramelized onions, milk, and different curry powder and paste and brought to a boil. 

  • 4. Milk Toast

    Made with Japanese wheat flour and rose for 24 hours.
    Rolled into a dough.
    Added with butter imported from New Zealand.
    Combined with an in-house grown grape yeast.
    Baked in high temperature.

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