• 1 Determined to Win

    Starting a business isn’t easy, and you will have to endure hard and tedious work to achieve a successful outcome. At times, you may even face negativity or even want to quit. You must prepare and promise yourself to be determined before starting the business. Always be prepared to answer positively especially during adversity and look towards your end goal of being successful.

  • 2 Maintaining Your Physical Health

    The catering industry is a job not for the fainted heart. Not only do you have long hours, but your diet, management, personnel, customers may also all bring problems to the table. For you, the problems may sum up to mental stress, unbalanced daily routines, and even affect physical health. We ask that you understand this before deciding to join, as a failure during the opening process is a painful option.

  • 3 Maintaining A High Standard

    Breakfast and brunch is a very competitive market. From traditional to modern-day shops, each business succeeds in different ways. At our business, we believe that establishing a good reputation is important. To achieve that, we rely on quality control as well as a warm customer service. We ask that each partner that joins us to agree and pursue after this goal. We expect that our quality and service is the number one priority for our partners. Also, we expect our partners to lead by example for their employees to follow suit.

  • 4 Make yourself an operator, not just an investor

    We require that every partner become an operator of their own store. Operators are who we are trying to find, not investors. The key to successful management is what can bring a great profit. As an operator, you are to strictly run and coordinate your business on-site at your kitchen. Always be mindful of the quality of your product as well as customer service and make decisive actions shall a situation ever occur.

  • 5 Be Energetic. Be Happy.

    The catering industry is not only about food, but as importantly, service. You will face a lot of customers come and go every day, and we believe each customer is giving us opportunities to serve. Therefore in addition to our food being great, we ask every employee to serve each customer with a warm customer service full of energy and happiness. So if you would like to join us, be ready to face all types of situations and customers with an open heart.

  • 6 Follow The Procedures

    As a franchise business, we develop our standard of quality from successful people in the culinary industry. Each item on our menu is developed through different standards and procedures to guarantee quality. As a partner, you must follow the procedures given by corporate, and follow its standards without cutting corners. To have a poor learning attitude or not stable enough training means you will face problems at your business.

  • 7 Love What You Choose!

    Joining a franchise is almost like getting married. We hope that you will succeed and will help each partner get there. Before you join in, we hope you do your part in surveying the breakfast and brunch markets out here. If you do choose to join us, we ask for your full cooperation in our procedures and practices. To steer off on your own after joining us means customers will have different perspectives between one shop to the next And will affect the quality and standards we uphold. This would impact the overall reputation of our stores.

  • 8 Building Each Other Up

    Corporate and franchise stores are all independent for-profit stores. To operate successfully, the corporate must have enough income from franchise operations to develop new products and implement better quality control, marketing, guidance, and personnel training. Our partners must understand that corporate is not unique, but its more a training ground for everyone to do better across the board. Therefore, it isn’t about who makes what but doing better as an independent operator and as a whole.

  • 9 Plant Your Business, Strive Towards Success

    Whether it’s creating your own business or franchising, All operators are responsible for their businesses. You must understand what you want in your business and where your management abilities are. The corporate can only do so much, but you are the one responsible for implementing what corporate provides you with. We cannot guarantee that customers will come through the door or you will have a high turnover, so, therefore, if there is a problem it is important for you to identify what that is. Above all, good quality, a neat and comfortable space with warm and friendly service is a must. You must be willing to face competition and come out on top in a competitive market, to strive towards success.